Sake.Wien is Austria’s first commercial Sake brewery, located in the heart of the city of Vienna (Wien). We started production in November 2021, and entered the Austrian market in April 2022.

We are crafting certified organic Premium Sake from Italian rice and snow mountain spring water, using traditional Japanese methods and recipes.

The rice varieties we are using is organic Italian Arborio (Oryza sativa subs. Japonica) which came originally from Japan. We use it with a minimal polish grade of 90%.

Snow mountain spring water is delivered from the Austrian alps directly into the city of Vienna by two aqueducts built in the 19th century.

Currently we are producing Junmai Namagenshu Muroka: unpasteurized, unfiltered, and undiluted natural Sake, using yeast #901, and Higuchi Koji-kin from Japan.

We are following bio-dynamic cellar guidelines, using only stabilised ozone water and citric acid for disinfection and cleaning.

Our maximum production capacity is 384hl (48.000 bottles) per year - which makes us the 2nd largest Sake brewery in Europe.

We also started our first test batches of organic Awamori (distilled Koji mash), organic Sake Brandy (distilled Sake), organic Sake vinegar, and provide our organic Sake Kasu to local restaurants.

Our very first batch of Sake was awarded with a Bronze Medal in the main Sake category “Junmai” at the International Wine Challenge 2022.

We are offered by leading restaurants in Austria, such as Amador (***), Steirereck (**), Mraz & Sohn (**) and Shiki (*), the highest ranking Japanese restaurant.

We are distributed in Austria through Döllerer (wholesale), Wein & Co (largest wine retail chain), in flagship stores of the largest retail chains Billa (REWE) and Spar, and many specialist food stores.

Currently we are entering the following markets: Germany, Scandinavia, Italy, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Japan.

Sake.Wien is a member of the Japanese Brewing Society, the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, and an EU-certified organic producer (AT-BIO-402).